How to Do Duo Tricks in a Lyra Hoop

In duo tricks, one partner is the person who holds onto the other person in a trick aka the base. The base must be strong and capable of holding their partners weight. The other role is the flyer, the person who tends to be smaller yet still strong and is being held while doing a trick. A couple of important notes: first, anytime a partner is climbing on to the top of the hoop the other partner MUST be holding onto the side of the hoop or bottom resisting the hoop to flip up or else your partner CAN get injured or fall out, secondly, when getting out of tricks wait for the flyer to call a “hup” indicating that they are back onto the hoop and holding on to otherwise if you try to come out of the trick before they are stable you might drop them. Both partners need to be flexible, strong, and have COMMUNICATION.

Praying Mantis

• Base

o Climb up to the top of the hoop and get in sitting position.

o Once your flyer is in the back balance position you can get into a double knee hang.

o After your double knee get in pencil position with one leg on each side of the hoop.

o Then arch your back and push through so that your face is in the same direction of your flyer.

o Then push your back leg into the hoop for support of your split.

o Your other leg will drop down into split so the flyer can wrap their ankles around your ankle.

o To come out of the trick wait for your flyers “hup” then go back into a double knee hang.

o Once partner is off, proceed to climb off.

• Flyer

o Hold hoop while base is climbing to the top.

o Get onto the hoop in a double knee hang.

o Get into sitting position.

o Move into a back balance.

o Wait, while your partner pushes their face through to face the same way you are.

o Once they drop their front leg down you may wrap your feet around their ankles. Squeeze your legs around their ankles.

o To come out of the trick grab back onto the hoop by your hips, call your “hup.”

o Go straight into a Birdsnest, then get back into a double knee hang.

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